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Continuing education

Certificate in Market Finance and Trading (in partnership with SWISS GTrade)

Certificate in Market Finance and Trading (in partnership with SWISS GTrade)


General description:

The Certificate in Market Finance and Trading is an additional specialized training course focusing on specific financial tools and practices, following the sessions taught at SWISS GTrade as part of the FUNDAMENTAL TRAINING (

This course provides students with the knowledge they need to understand how the financial markets work as a whole, to understand and use financial vehicles such as equities, bonds, currencies and derivatives, and to plan trading strategies.

The course includes numerous exercises and case studies. Accounting and financial vocabulary are explained in detail.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
● identify the strengths and weaknesses of the main financial markets;
● develop an opinion and a choice of Assets;
● participate in discussions and exchanges with financial intermediaries.

Teaching methodology:

The trainer teaches from legal, regulatory and professional sources in force in Switzerland and the EU.

Numerous group exercises based on recent case studies; work on themes linked to recent major articles in the international financial press.

Employment Opportunities:

Professionalization of the personal trading approach; appropriation of the language and financial methodology associated with trading, as a springboard for specific studies and training in banking and stock market activities.

Planning of Courses:

1. Value and time from a financial perspective (3 hours)
• simple interest
• compound interest
• proportional and equivalent interest rates
• present value, future value, discounting, capitalization

2. Principles of portfolio management and financial market theory (3 hours)
• building a stock market portfolio
• financial market equilibrium and securities valuation
• risk-free assets
• risky assets
• combination, diversification and efficient portfolios

3. The bond market => Different types of bonds (3 hours)
• bonds redeemable in shares (ORA)
• bonds convertible into shares (OCA)
• bonds with warrants (OBSA)
• fixed-rate bonds
• variable-rate bonds

4. The bond market => Yield and valuation (5 hours)
• interest rates
• yield and yield curve
• maturity
• inflation
• credit rating
• portfolio valuation using the FiFo method
• calculation of unrealized capital gains/losses, realized capital gains/losses, net asset value, provisions for value adjustments, unrealized and realized taxes

5. Comparative valuation (2 hours)
• Price Earning Ratio (PER)
• Capitalization to dividend ratio
• Price to Book Ratio PBR, ...

6. Deleveraging and securitization (3 hours)
• defeasance
• hive-off
• securitization

7. Influence on the financial market (2 hours)
• the main international rating agencies
• role, operations, rating methodology
• how they influence the financial market

8. Risk and investment funds (3 hours)
• traditional funds
• hedge funds
• social investment funds / business angels / small investors / crowdfunding

9. Tools developed for derivatives (3 hours)
• rules established by stock market regulators
• tools developed for derivatives / their purpose
• speculation on upward/downward price variations
• CFD contracts
• options
• futures contracts

10. Commodities trading (3 hours)
• regulations and participants' operations
• tools developed for commodities
• speculation on upward/downward price variations
• events conducive to speculation
• the futures market

11. Risk mapping: sources (5 hours)
• market risk
• credit risk
• operational risk
• model risk
• bank liquidity risk
• bank deposit insurance
• bank conflict management
• Basel II and III agreements


Certificat of SWISS UMEF in Market Finance and Trading.

Course information:

Total duration: 6 weeks
• 35 hours training (at SWISS UMEF) at Château d'Aïre, Route d'Aïre 185-187, 1219 Aïre - Geneva
• 140 training hours (at SWISS GTrade), Route de Meyrin 123, 1219 Châtelaine
• Maximum number of participants: 5
• Total cost of training: CHF 8,747

Who should attend:

● General public
● Students wishing to improve or broaden their skills
● Anyone seeking retraining or further training

Admission requirements:

Have a sufficient command of French to follow the lessons and the trainer's explanations, and be able to understand the theories in the course material.

No prerequisites in finance or mathematics, beginners are welcome.

Pay a part of your "continuing education" thanks to the annual check of Fr. 750 granted by the Canton of Geneva.

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