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Executive Master in International Relations​
100% by synchronic distance (Via Zoom)


Specific scholarship for this program – Only the first meritorious applicants will be able to benefit from it. Registrations open now.

The Faculty of Political Science, with the support of its partners, has established this scholarship program for the most deserving and motivated candidates.


Following numerous requests from various candidates from several countries, having difficulty in coming to Switzerland due to administrative issues (such as visas...) and capacity to pay the tuition fees of CHF 21,900 for the program, the Executive Board of SWISS UMEF has taken the decision to cover through a scholarship, the study fees. Thus, only the registration fees remain due.


The selection of candidates is based on excellence, the scholarship granted is CHF 20,000 out of CHF 21,900, only the registration fee of CHF 1,900 will be payable upon acceptance.


This scholarship is neither refundable nor transferable and valid for the 2022-2023 academic year and only for this program.


Whatever your home institution, if you have successfully completed or are in the process of successfully completing your Bachelor studies and you are one of the best, this program is for you!


This is an excellent opportunity for all candidates who meet the admission requirements. They will have access to a very high level program, in the field of international relations and diplomacy, at a very affordable price. The program will be followed from their home, without having to leave either their work or their family.



The Executive Master in International Relations curriculum has a multi-disciplinary scope. Required courses cover the core disciplines of international relations, political science, economics, international law, international organisations, and diplomacy.

Participants focus on current affairs relating to international relations, economic development, and the complexity of negotiations, as well as the functioning of international institutions.

Students examine the dynamics, structural features, humanitarian issues, international politics and international economics.


The program offers students a comprehensive approach to the present international context including the political, economic, developmental and industrial scenes. It builds leadership skills for managers in international organisations, in the corporate world and in the non-profit sector.



At the end of their training, participants can occupy positions requiring complex decisions in international organisations, political institutions or corporations with an international activity.  All positions requiring a sustainable strategy are career targets.

Send your application to:

How to apply?

All candidates must fill in an application form and send the supporting documents. The application file must contain the following:​

  • The completed application form

  • Supporting documentation (as listed in the application form).

Supporting Documents:

  1. Application form (click to download);

  2. Copy of the Bachelor degree or equivalent;

  3. Copies of transcripts;

  4. Copy of identity card or passport;

  5. CV;

  6. One passport photo;

  7. Motivation letter.

Please note that for your application to be taken into account, you must send by email to the address: your complete file with the requested documents.

Program fees :

  • Registration fees:

  • Tuition fees:

CHF 1’900 (equivalent to 1'900 Euros)

Completely free of charge

Bank details: 

  • Name: SWISS UMEF

  • IBAN: CH29 0483 5025 7942 1100 0

  • Swift code: CRESCHZZ80A

  • Address: 185-187 Route d’Aïre – 1219 Aïre – Geneva – Switzerland


All fees must be paid in Swiss Francs to the SWISS UMEF – Geneva

Please indicate the name of the student on the payment order.

Program details:

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the practices of international relations and diplomacy based on economics, social theory, social science research methods, geopolitics, international crisis management, humanitarian intervention and conflict resolution, all factors which determine politics in international relations.

  2. Have a critical understanding of the basic premodern and modern histories of world powers.

  3. Understand the main concepts of international relations, including power, the international system, the balance of power, hegemony, conflicts, cooperation, integration, globalisation, interdependence, dependence, regimes, equality, justice, sustainable development, political economy and international trade.

  4. Identify the key players in international relations: states, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, transnational companies and civil society.

  5. Demonstrate knowledge of key dimensions, events and key processes of international relations in a historical context such as the formation of the modern state, the evolution of capitalism, the origins of the Cold War, the system that followed the end of the Cold War, the role of race, gender and class in the structure of the modern world.

Program 60 Credits ECTS:

  • Introduction and concepts in international relations

  • History of diplomacy

  • International organisations

  • Geo-economics and economic diplomacy

  • International foreign policy

  • Diplomatic and consular Law

  • Security and conflicts

  • Geopolitics of energy issues

  • 5 E of Djawed Sangdel for Global Leaders

  • Technological issues and international relations

Duration and time:

The program covers one academic year (10 months) on the basis of two days per week, ie Friday and Saturday.

The hours are set as follows for each day:

17h00 to 20h00 - Swiss time

Speakers :

Prof. Petre Roman.jpeg

Prof. Petre ROMAN


Concepts et approches des relations internationales


Prof. Gilles-Emmanuel JACQUET


History of diplomacy




International organisations

Lotfi Hamzi.jpg

Prof. Lotfi HAMZI


Diplomatic and consular Law


Prof. Alexandre MELNIK


International foreign policy

Beylard David-min.jpg

Prof. David BEYLARD


Geopolitics of energy issues

CHABBI Mourad.png

Prof. Mourad CHABBI


Geo-economics and economic diplomacy


Prof. Djawed SANGDEL


5 E of Djawed Sangdel for Global Leaders


Prof. Salvatore LOMBARDO


Security and conflicts

téléchargement (1).jpeg

Prof. Jerome DUBERRY


Technological issues and international relations


For the exams, each participant will take one exam per semester, in their country of origin, either with a partner of SWISS UMEF, or through research work that will replace the exams, or assessments through the SWISS UMEF platforms. This will be the subject of a decision by the Academic Director of SWISS UMEF.

Keynote speakers:

SWISS UMEF offers its students and faculty the privilege of attending lectures by exceptional keynote speakers of different backgrounds. Among them are former presidents, prime ministers, ministers and other personalities with distinguished careers and experience.

Key facts:​​

  • Geneva Campus: By synchronous ZOOM

  • Organiser: Faculty of Political Sciences

  • President: Pr Petre Roman, Former Prime Minister of Romania

  • Academic Director: Pr Stanislas d'Eyrames

  • Keynote speakers: International politicians, business leaders and leading thinkers

  • Awarding of diploma: Master in International Relations

  • Duration : 10 months

  • Languages: French-speaking and English-speaking programs

  • Program starting: September 2022

Our Campus​:

The campus is located in an old priory in Geneva that dates back to the 15th century. It is a classified monument, which was restored in 1917 and is constantly maintained in perfect order.


The campus covers an area of 18,400 sq. m. It is a magnificent environment with a view of the Rhône River and the iconic Salève Mountain.

Key Facts:

  • The Higher Educational Institute established in 1984 in Geneva​​

  • Accredited and recognised by IACBE for its academic excellence​

  • EduQua certification - Swiss quality label for continuous education

  • Offers a unique and friendly learning environment in a unique setting​

  • Maintains standards of excellence​​

  • International faculty with practical experience​

  • Focuses on student employability and career growth

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