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Lecture by Former Defense Minister of Poland, HE Bogdan KLICH

On 05/11/2022, our student had the opportunity to participate in the lecture held by HE Bogdan Klich, former Defense Minister of Poland.

Mr Klich made an interesting presentation about the historical developments of Poland and its current strategic positioning towards current military and political alliances. He shared with our students his views on the current developments in Ukraine, and how it affects Poland as its neighbouring country.

Mr Klich also shared with students his personal involvement in important processes for Poland, its role in NATO, as well as participation in international military missions.

In this lecture, faculty and students of SWISS UMEF also had an opportunity to share their views on global security issues, which led to a very interesting debate.

During his political career, he also served in other important political positions such as Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland, Member of the European Parliament, etc.

Currently, Mr Klich is a member of the Senate of Poland.


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