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SWISS UMEF is inaugurating a new Faculty of Technological Sciences to shape the talents of tomorrow

We are thrilled to announce the launch of two innovative programs on our Geneva campus: a general Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science, and a specialized double-degree program in Applied Artificial Intelligence, culminating in both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree.

We take immense pride in our educational team, made up of both experienced and innovative educators, who employ cutting-edge teaching methodologies to deliver top-tier education to our students.

We are committed to raising societal awareness about the importance of bridging the gap in computer skills. By encouraging young people to pursue studies in computer science, and offering opportunities for ongoing education to professionals looking for a career change, we actively play a role in reducing the mismatch between the supply and demand of computer skills.

The rapid rise of digital technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is profoundly reshaping the employability landscape across numerous economic sectors. A highly skilled digital workforce is essential to meet the demands of the job market.

Digitization is a major driver of the global economy, creating new job prospects and stimulating economic growth. However, Switzerland faces a significant challenge: the demand for digital skills far outpaces the current supply. According to various estimates, by 2030, the country will need an additional 120,000 computer scientists, but will only be able to train 80,000, even under the best scenarios.

To address this situation, it is crucial to prioritize vocational training right now. By investing in education and training in the digital sector, Switzerland can invigorate its economy by fully leveraging the potential of digitization, thereby creating new job opportunities for its population.

In this context, SWISS UMEF is assuming its share of responsibility by inaugurating its new Faculty of Technological Sciences. This will allow both young people and professionals to develop relevant skills in this rapidly growing field.


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