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Since 1985, more than two thousand students graduated from SWISS UMEF previously known as Institut Supérieur de Gestion et Communication (ISGC), with diplomas ranging from executive education to doctorate. Alumni are of varied national origins and have studied in either English or French. They are present today in private and public organisations in several countries.


SWISS UMEF offers to all its alumni, personal support and free additional training, during a period of two years after graduation, as may be required.



The mission of the SWISS UMEF Alumni service is to follow our graduates as well as request their contact with the present students. Their opinion of SWISS UMEF and its programmes is an important element for the development of SWISS UMEF.


Becoming a member

All graduates become members automatically, and without charge, of the alumni network, materialized in a database that allows free exchanges between them and also with the present students.


Advantages of becoming a member

Alumni can exchange information on themselves and exchange information on career and other professional opportunities. They also have the possibility of offering opportunities for internships or employment for present students.



SWISS UMEF organizes an event on 4 March 2023, at 17h30 at its campus of Château d’Aïre. This will be an open day allowing a free exchange and reunion among alumni, students and faculty.



The holding of this event depends on the pandemic situation.

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