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Continuing education

Certificate in Financial Accounting

Certificate in Financial Accounting


General description:

To allow participants to understand the basics of financial accounting and its components such as the analysis of financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, treasury flows) according to the Swiss accounting standards. VAT calculation is also covered.

This training includes numerous exercises and case studies. Accounting and financial terms are thoroughly explained.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:
• Keep simple accounts
• Understand the balance sheet of a corporation
• Make the difference, and the choice, between different types of accounting systems.

Teaching methodology:

The trainer uses several approaches to teaching which will allow participants to have a discussion with the trainer as well as with the other participants.

Participants will make presentations in class, have to undertake homework, work on individual or group case studies, and discuss their own particular situation according to their experience as well as daily professional issues.

Employment Opportunities:

SME owner, accounting assistant.

Planning of Courses:

• Basic concepts of accounting
• Basis of accounting
• Company results
• Commercial arithmetic – interests and exchange
• Private account – Goods to be sold
• Goods to be sold
• Salaries and social contributions
• Transitory accounts and reserves
• Calculations from the purchase price to the sales price
• Accounts for stocks and bonds and real estate
• Personal corporation
• Limited corporations I
• Limited corporations II
• Amortisation
• Notions de CAE
• Calculation of the income statement
• Revision and various
• Practice exam
• Correction of the practice exam
• Final exam


Certificate in the accounting of SWISS UMEF.

Course information:

• Duration: 56 hours of classes + 2 hours of exams
• Start of the course: May, June and October
• Schedules: 18h00 to 21h30
• Frequency: Twice a week
• The maximum number of participants: 18 participants
• Location of the course: Château d'Aïre, Route d'Aïre 185-187, 1219 Aïre - Geneva
• Course price: 1'490 CHF

Who should attend:

• Shop owners, owners of SMEs,
• Students wishing to improve their knowledge,
• Any person wanting to be retrained or to improve their competencies.

Admission requirements:

Good knowledge of English to be able to follow the classes and the explanations of the trainer and to be able to read the theories of the material.

No prerequisite in accounting, beginners are welcome.

Pay a part of your "continuing education" thanks to the annual check of Fr. 750 granted by the Canton of Geneva.

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