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Teaching Methodologies

SWISS UMEF has a non-traditional approach to learning, which is not limited to the time spent in learning in class but also includes holding individual discussions with students to understand their real objectives for their projects and life and offering advice relevant to their needs to enable them to be successful in their development.


We are strong believers in the need of transferring to our students a blend of academic knowledge and usable skills required by employers. This can only be achieved by allowing faculty to be up to date about the needs of employers so that students can seize prime career opportunities. While the teaching methodologies used by faculty inevitably vary from subject to subject, they comprise basic elements that have been listed as follows:

  • Lectures

  • Research

  • Debates

  • Case studies

  • Learning by teaching

  • Tutorials

  • Discussions

  • Presentations

  • Individual or group projects

  • Use of the computer laboratory.


In every case, the exchanges with the faculty are student-centered, and the exchanges are always enriching for both. Our graduates practice critical thinking as one of the most important skills in a complex society.

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