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What do you think of Djawed SANGDEL's Theory and Requirements of 5E for Global Leaders?

Introduction: The Theory and requirements of the 5 E Sangdel is a solution to the problem of state development. To the question of why some states are rich? And other poor people? How can a state develop and what models should it inspire to have good growth to meet the needs of the people? What are the prerequisites for having an economy that could compete with those of developed countries? Here are the questions that the author through his theoretical model tries to answer. The position of the author is very clear, according to him, the development of a country passes necessarily by its 5 stages. In other words, no development is possible without the pure and simple application of these five steps. These are esteem, education, energy, entrepreneurship, and the economy. Explicitly, any political leader who takes the destiny of his country, will first of all have to solve the problem of the esteem that is lacking in many African Heads of State and others. Secondly, it will have to put an educational system that meets international standards, in other words, a training system that corresponds to the economic and political aspiration, to emphasize quantity and quality throughout life. Terzo, the question of energy, this one being essential for all progress, will have to make it accessible to all and by all. Be it electricity, gas, oil, and water. This energy enables a State with new farming techniques to move towards food self-sufficiency and to double or triple its exports, but also to attract more investors and to be able to develop its infrastructures. Quarto will have to meet all the conditions that favour entrepreneurship. With the globalization and the liberalization of the economy, the States have lost their role of investor, they take care to encourage and guarantee private investments, this being said, the States are not no more great purveyors of jobs as in the past, this role now belongs to entrepreneurs who create and innovate to make life easier for the population in order to reduce poverty. The Quinto and the last point is the logical continuation of the first four E, it is the economy. The economy is a process that must respond to the problem of esteem, education, energy, and entrepreneurship, it is possible only by bringing together these four first.

Written by Sékou SOUMAH student MBA


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