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Former Minister of State of the Canadian Government, his excellency Mr Donald J. Johnston

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Contemporary World of Geo-economics

This conference was greatly appreciated by members of faculty and students. It started with a presentation of the keynote speaker, followed by a presentation of the topic, a discussion and a debate with various members of faculty and students.


The West has lost a great many opportunities during the 20th century that includes losing Russia, the inability of allowing for a fairer share of riches through the WTO, the inability of states to reduce the threats of climate change. The threat to democracy driven by President Trump is extensively discussed.

What could be the solutions to these problems?

Professor Sangdel states that there is a leadership crisis in the world and that it has led to a number of regional conflicts. The US has stopped its role as a unipolar leader to bring peace and stability. China, as well as other countries, have been increasing its GDP while remaining an observer in world relations. It has a very selfish view in conducting investments or lending money to states such as in Africa. The European Union has been disappointing as a world leader.

Comments from students have been that the US is very heavily indebted and therefore the issue is as to how will they invest in infrastructure.

What could be the impact on international relations of the US election?

All participants seemed concerned with climatic change, pandemics, the perennity of democracy and the economy if globalisation is threatened.

The Hon. Johnson stated that all threats offer opportunities and that it is the role of the young generation to take advantage of them and that they should concentrate on the skills of tomorrow.

As a conclusion, there was a consensus that world peace and economic growth will be dependent on the role of ethical leaders.


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