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Bourses d'Études

Geneva State Scholarships:

Our students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships granted by the State of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. The amount awarded, whether as a scholarship or loan, is based on the student's personal and family situation and is distributed throughout the training period. For more details and to apply, please visit the official website.


For additional advice, you can schedule an appointment with our admissions service at:

Necessary conditions to benefit from a scholarship

You can submit your scholarship application if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • Your parents are of Swiss nationality and live in the canton of Geneva.

  • Your parents are cross-border workers and work in the canton of Geneva.

  • You are from Geneva and your parents live abroad.

  • You hold a C permit and your legal domicile is in Geneva.

  • You hold a B permit and you have been domiciled in Switzerland for at least 5 years. Your legal domicile is in Geneva.

  • You are a refugee or stateless person, you have been recognized by Switzerland and you are assigned to the canton of Geneva.

  • You are of legal age and you have lived and worked for a period of two years in the canton of Geneva after having completed your first training. During this period, you were financially independent.

Scholarship application procedure

For each year of training, a complete application, with the required attachments, must be submitted no later than six months after the start of the new school year.

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