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Continuing education

Certificate in Management of SMEs

Certificate in Management of SMEs


General description:

Allow participants to understand the basis of SME management to respond to the present challenges such as human resource planning, the structure of the SME and the control process, the basis of accounting and taxation, the principles of marketing and sales as well as the legal aspects that apply to SMEs.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the training the participant will be able to:
• Distinguish the roles and functions of the various actors of the corporation
• Explain why the external factors are an influence on the development and the strategy of personnel planning
• Understand the importance of a good organisation on the supply chain
• Describe the basis of accounting and taxation
• Understand the basis of marketing and sales
• Name the ways an employer must protect his rights and those of his employees.

Teaching methodology:

The trainer uses several approaches to teaching which will allow participants to have a discussion with the trainer as well as with the other participants. Participants will make presentations in class, have to undertake homework, work on individual or group case studies, discuss their own particular situation according to their experience as well as the daily professional issues.

Employment Opportunities:

Sales manager, sales assistant, sales personnel, buyers.

Planning of Courses:

• What is management?
• The external environment
• Establishing objectives
• Planning
• Employees
• Structure of an SME
• Introduction to the supply chain
• The control process
• Introduction to accounting and à taxation
• Introduction to marketing and sales
• Legal aspects


Certificate of SWISS UMEF in Management of SMEs

Course information:

• Duration: 60 hours of class + 2 hours of exams
• Start of the course: May, June and October
• Schedules: 18h00 to 21h30
• Frequency: Twice a week
• The maximum number of participants: 18 participants
• Location of the course: Château d'Aïre, Route d'Aïre 185-187, 1219 Aïre - Geneva
• Course price: 1'490 CHF

Who should attend:

• Owners and employees of SMEs
• All persons undergoing retraining or advanced training

Admission requirements:

Master English sufficiently to be able to follow the courses and the explanations of the trainer, as well as being able to read the theories and the reading material.

Pay a part of your "continuing education" thanks to the annual check of Fr. 750 granted by the Canton of Geneva.

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