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Continuing education

Certificate in Marketing for SMEs

Certificate in Marketing for SMEs


General description:

Allow participants to understand the basis of marketing for SMEs to enable them to answer to the present challenges of markets taking into account the deep changes in consumer behaviour and the increased presence of e-commerce. The challenges of SMEs are studied as they require a specific approach.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:
• Define the importance of marketing in his/her project of the corporation
• Create a marketing plan
• Analyse the market
• Understand the consumer’s behaviour
• Positioning relative to the competition
• Target potential clients
• Establish a price that allows the company to be profitable
• Create a targeted communication campaign.

Teaching methodology:

The trainer uses different approaches to teaching which will allow participants to exchange with the trainer and with the other participants. The methods used include in-class presentations, homework, group or individual assignments, and discussing in class their personal issues as well as their daily work contacts.

Employment Opportunities:

SME owner, sales manager, sales assistant, sales personnel, and buyers.

Planning of Courses:

• What is marketing?
• Understanding the market and client needs
• Establish a marketing strategy
• Practical exercise
• The marketing plan
• Practical exercise
• The marketing mix
• Practical exercise
• The environment of the company
• Buyer behaviour
• Practical exercise
• Market segmentation and target market
• Practical exercise
• Positioning
• Practical exercise
• Price
• Practical exercise
• Communication
• Practical exercise
• Final exam


Certificate of SWISS UMEF in Marketing for SMEs

Course information:

• Duration: 60 hours of teaching + 2 hours of exam
• Start of the course: May, June and October
• Schedules: 18h00 to 21h30
• Frequency: Twice a week
• The maximum number of participants: 18 participants
• Location of the course: Château d'Aïre, Route d'Aïre 185-187, 1219 Aïre - Geneva
• Course price: 1'390 CHF

Who should attend:

• Owners and employees of SMEs
• All persons in retraining or advanced training

Admission requirements:

Sufficient mastery of English to be able to follow the course and the explanations of the trainer, as well as being able to read the theory in the documents provided.

Pay a part of your "continuing education" thanks to the annual check of Fr. 750 granted by the Canton of Geneva.

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