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The Political Science Faculty of SWISS UMEF proposed a programme for the future political, economic, leaders. Nowadays, history references and learning of prospective concepts are essential.


It is for this purpose that the Executive Master in International Relations and Global Politics has been created.


This new SWISS UMEF Executive Master Programme, proposes a confrontation between theoretical  concepts and dialogue with major international personalities.

The objective is to allow the participants to enrich their background by sharing the knowledge, experiences, and crisis management and to offer them concrete examples that provide with the opportunity to develop a personal vision.

Prestigious Speakers

The various speakers invited by SWISS UMEF for its new Master, are all influential actors and thinkers who have contributed, each in their field, to the birth of new thinking and new ideas emerging on an international level in global politics and contemporary geopolitics.


Unique points of view based on years of active experience will be brought to the participants during the various sessions.


International relations, global politics, development, leadership, environment, identities, conflicts and peace, human rights, new concepts of governance, are the core themes for this programme.

A unique panel of prestigious speakers, made up of former and present political leaders and leaders of international corporations, all active players in the field of politics, economics, will share their vision and expertise.

In order to make the new Executive Master in International Relations and Global Politics an asset  for future leaders in a ever-changing world, we are privileged to have international keynote speakers, such as several Heads of State, Prime Ministers and Ministers who have not only knowledge but also experiences in the field of politics.

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Why Should You Apply?

If you have ambitions to build a career as a leader in the fields as varied and essential as Politics, Economics or Culture, the Executive Master in International Relations and Global Politics offered by the SWISS UMEF, is a great opportunity.

It will allow each participant to shape his or her own way of thinking through direct contact with those who have contributed to the destinies of their countries.

Boosting Your Career

This comprehensive programme includes  opportunities to apply your knowledge, ensuring that graduates can  tackle all the global challenges ahead. Today’s complex reality of the present, the lessons of history and the future issues will be presented by leading international players.


SWISS UMEF's faculty is made up of academics, diplomats and international relations experts who guarantee strong complementary experiences for our participants.

Around our directors and professors, we have gathered a panel of political, economic, social and cultural personalities. Through their contact, the participants will be able to lay the foundations for a rich and diverse professional network for their future career.

Join the SWISS UMEF Global Leader Community

Develop a global and diverse network of contacts with more than 22 keynote speakers from over 15 countries.

General Description of the Programme

The programme is a special concentration of high-level knowledge and experiences in the complex universe of international relations. It is based on meetings and exchanges with acclaimed and inspirational personalities.


The basis of this programme is the contribution of leaders with many years of experience, as well as international executives, thinkers and academics sharing an innovative vision.


Participants have the opportunity of exchanging with the speakers on international relations, national and international politics, the global economy, the environment, security, conflicts, peace, multilateralism, European construction, identities, media and the new information societies.



The main objective of this new programme is to allow participants to have a global vision on international political relationships and to better apprehend the major issues of the world.

This programme offered by SWISS UMEF, is intended as a tool to help everyone become a relevant and effective protagonist.

Participants will thus have access to the comprehension of the European construction and its operation, highlighting the links established by the main powers with all the member countries and their regions and communities.


Different governance models in Europe or elsewhere in the world, will be discussed, studied, and debated so as to allow an adaptation to specific national models, and the power relations that underlie them.


In-depth discussions on the major global issues of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and the consequences and resulting challenges, will be initiated for a clear understanding of the current geopolitical situation.


The programme covers the following themes:

  • Globalisation and geopolitics

  • The globalised economy

  • Security, conflict, and peace

  • The environment, climate change and biodiversity

  • Education, culture, and media

  • Immigration and human rights

  • Leadership and governance

  • International Law

  • International Relations and Diplomacy

  • Genesis, organs and instruments of the UN, Bretton Woods Institutions, EU and Sustainable Development

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Conditions of admission

A rigorous selection of application will be implemented. Candidates must also have a minimum of three years of experience in a managerial or political position.

Documents to provide :
  • A duly completed and signed application form;

  • Copy of the official diploma, (bachelor's degree or equivalent);

  • Copy of transcripts;

  • Copy of identity card or passport;

  • CV ;

  • A passport photo;

  • A motivation letter.

Duration and schedule :

The Master's programme  takes place during one year on the basis of two full days each month, Friday and Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Key information:
  • Campus: Geneva

  • Organizer: Faculty of Political Sciences of SWISS UMEF 

  • Lecturers: SWISS UMEF Professors of Political Sciences and International Relations

  • Keynote Speakers: Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Ministers and other political leaders

  • Title granted: Executive Master in International Relations and Global Politics.

  • Number of participants: 50 participants

  • Programme duration: 10 months

  • Programme start: 2 September 2022 to 3 June 2023

  • Programme languages: French section or English section

  • Teaching method: personalised meetings, debates, discussions, case studies, sharing of real-life experiences with our speakers and professors.