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The Quality Assurance system has led to the creation of a number of Boards and Councils, composed of different stakeholders, which issue periodical reports to the Executive Board which can rely on them to rapidly make decisions and take the required actions according to SWISS UMEF mission and vision.

All stakeholders, including students, faculty, alumni, representatives of the economy are involved in the quality process in an independent function. Their remarks and other contributions are considered by the various boards and councils.

The governance of SWISS UMEF is regulated by the Board of Trustees. SWISS UMEF is governed by:

  1. Board of Trustees

  2. Executive Board

  3. Academic and Research Board

  4. Administrative Director

  5. International Relations Head

  6. Quality Assurance Committee

  7. Faculty, student and ethics councils.


The Executive Board is collectively responsible for the management and control of the affairs of SWISS UMEF and for ensuring that an effective system of internal control and representation is implemented in the institution.


SWISS UMEF has created a structure of Strategic Advisors with the aim of improving all its activities including teaching, research, governance and organisational structure according to SWISS UMEF vision and mission.


The background of the strategic advisors is very diverse and includes business people, politicians, academics, with an external view on SWISS UMEF. They are solicited on an ad hoc basis as per the needs of SWISS UMEF. The advisors have advising power with no decision-making power.

Governance Structure

Board of Trustees

Executive Board

Academic & Reserch  Board

Quality Assurance Committee 



Faculty Council

Student Council

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