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Strategic Advisor

SWISS UMEF has created a structure of Strategic Advisors with the aim of improving all its activities including teaching, research, governance and organizational structure according to SWISS UMEF vision and mission.


The background of the strategic advisors is very diverse and includes business people, politicians, academics, with an external view on SWISS UMEF. They are solicited on an ad hoc basis as per the needs of SWISS UMEF. The advisors have advising power with no decision-making power.

Ge Jun_edited_edited.jpg

Ge Jun
Former Vice President of Apple


  • Executive Director of the Board and CEO of TOJOY Shared Holding Group

  • Former Vice President of Nvidia

  • Former Vice President of Apple

  • Former Vice President of Intel

Ouided Bouchamaoui.jpeg

Ouided Bouchamaoui
Nobel Peace Prize 2015 winner


  • Nobel Peace Prize 2015 winner

  • Leader of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA)

  • one of the Top 25 Business Women in Africa (Jeune Afrique)

  • The Oslo Business for Peace Award winner.

LETERME Yves.jpeg

H.E. Yves Leterme
Former Prime Minister of Belgium


  • Former Prime Minister of Belgium

  • Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Former minister-president of Flanders

  • Former leader of the Christian Democratic Party and the Flemish Party

Ivo Josipović.jpeg

H.E. Ivo Josipovic
Former President of Croatia


  • Former Deputy in the Diet

  • Former President of the Republic of Croatia

Zlatko Lagumdžija.jpeg

H.E. Zlatko Lagumdzija
Former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Former Deputy Prime Minister

  • Former 4th President of the Council of Ministers

  • Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr Peter Medgyessy.jpeg

Dr. Peter Medgyessy
Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary


  • Former member of the National Assembly

  • Former  Minister of Finances

EL HAITÉ Hakima.jpeg

Hakima El Haite
The former Moroccan Minister


  • Former Moroccan Minister

  • Insignia of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic

  • Freedom Prize awarded by the Spanish Foundation Women for Freedom and Democracy.

Laurent Seydoux.jpeg

Laurent Seydoux
Member of the Grand Council, Geneva


  • Member of the Grand Council, Geneva

  • Director, Lysoft SA

Maître Patrick Malek-Asghar.jpeg

Patrick Malek-Asghar
Lawyer in Geneva


  • Lawyer in Geneva

  • Former Geneva MP

Jean-Marc Guinchard
Member of the Grand Council, Geneva


  • Member of the Grand Council, Geneva

  • Presidency of the Grand Council (25.02.2016 - 16.03.2017)

  • 1st Vice-Presidency of the Grand Council (22.01.2015 - 25.02.2016)

  • Geneva Constituent Assembly, elected on October 19, 2008 (Constitution adopted on October 14, 2012) (19.10.2008 - 31.05.2012)

Gervais Rufyikiri
Former President of the Senate from Burundi


  • Former Vice-President

  • Former President of the Senate

David A Chikvaidze.jpeg

Dr David A Chikvaidze
Forner Chief of Staff to the Director General of UNOG


  • Former Director of the UN Library in Geneva

  • Former Chairman of the UNOG Cultural Activities Committee

  • Former Senior Advisor to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • Former Head of Communications and NGO Partnerships Section in Geneva

Ludovic Vulliermet
Notary and Partner


  • Notary And Partner of the Sr Conseil Group Multi-Professional Practice Company

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