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Jean Marc Bejjani

Visiting Faculty

Masters in Microengineering Specialised in Robotics: EPFL
Bachelor in Microengineering : EPFL


Computer Skills
- Programming languages: Python, C++.
- Middlewares, Frameworks and Libraries: ROS, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Scikit, OpenCV.
- Others: Git, Asana, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.

Engineering Skills
- Computer Science: Software Development & Design, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Deep
Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Analysis and Statistics,
Multi-Agent Systems, Genetic Algorithms.
- Robotics: Serial communication, Control Theory, SLAM, Simulation, Robot Kinematics, Sensors, Electronics,
CAD, Prototyping.

Product Management Skills
- Strategy and Product Definition: Road Mapping, Customer segment evaluation, Wireframing, UX and Flow
definition, Brainstorming.
- Management and Progress Tracking: Customer Stories Definition, Velocity assessment, Prioritizing stories.
Feature Acceptance definition, Customer and Team feedback collection and Analysis.

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