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H.E. Kjell Magne Bondevik

Former Prime Minister of Norway

Conference of 25 May 2021

Democracy and Human Rights as Basis for Lasting Peace

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BA)
with specialisation in Global Diplomacy and Negotiation


The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations programme, with a specialisation in Global Diplomacy and Negotiation, delves into advanced topics related to diplomacy, international negotiations, and conflict resolution. During this year, students engage in in-depth coursework and practical experiences to hone their skills in international diplomacy and negotiation.



  • To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of diplomatic strategies and negotiation techniques.

  • To cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for effective diplomacy.

  • To enhance students' knowledge of international relations theories and their practical applications.

  • To prepare students for real-world diplomatic challenges and negotiations.


Career Opportunities:

  • Diplomat

  • Foreign Service Officer

  • International Relations Specialist

  • Diplomatic Analyst

  • Political Analyst

  • Negotiation Specialist

  • Global Affairs Consultant

  • Officer in international organisations


Learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a deep understanding of diplomatic strategies and negotiation techniques.

  2. Exhibit strong critical thinking and analytical skills in diplomatic scenarios.

  3. Apply international relations theories to practical diplomatic situations.

  4. Communicate diplomatically and effectively in cross-cultural contexts.

  5. Navigate complex international negotiations and resolve conflicts.

  6. Collaborate and lead in diplomatic and negotiation processes.

Programme brochure

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