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Master - MBA Programmes

All master’s programmes at SWISS UMEF are compatible with the Bologna Process and thus give rise to ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. The programme has a minimum duration of 2 years (i.e. 4 semesters, of which one semester is dedicated to the thesis) and a maximum duration of 3 years on condition of acceptance by the management. To graduate, students need to have acquired 120 ECTS credits through courses and a thesis. SWISS UMEF has two enrolments per year, in October and March. It should be noted that SWISS UMEF has the right to modify the precise dates. 

The programme covers two years, the first year of 60 ECTS credits is a common core curriculum and the second year of 60 ECTS credits allows a specialisation in the selected area of study.


Students must start to work on their thesis at the start of the second year. Should students select to do an internship, this should start after the third semester.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)