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Student Services

To assist students in achieving their educational objectives and to jump-start their careers, SWISS UMEF offers a range of support services that are suitable for individual needs.


The academic calendar allows two entries per year: March and October.

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Dates are subject to change by the management of SWISS UMEF.

Academic Advice

Candidates and students have access to an academic adviser who assists them with subjects that enable them to become rapidly familiar with academic life, such as:


  • Completing enrolment

  • Employment and internships

  • Programme and course choices

  • Planning their studies

  • Assessments

  • Academic reference and letters

  • Student support advisers

  • Learning and teaching terms

  • Pre-requisites and eligibility

  • Progress to completion, graduation

  • Academic misconduct allegations

Learning Resources

Faculty members post on SWISS UMEF’s platform the resources required for each course, such as the syllabus and the texts as well as presentations and videos that students require for an optimal understanding of the course.

Dissertation or Thesis Director

All students are required to undertake either an internship or research for a dissertation in order to graduate. They are assigned a mentor who will provide guidance and counselling.


Finding work without first obtaining any real or practical experience can be frustrating. Changing careers without having really researched and sampled a new area is often impossible. However, undertaking one or more internships is an excellent way to break the loop and gain the required experience.


SWISS UMEF, therefore, encourages its students to undertake at least one internship during the duration of their studies. These work placements allow the student to gain a first-hand experience of the realities of the business world. It is accepted practice that an internship is a requirement of any good and complete education in today’s world.


Every internship requires clearly defined pedagogical objectives, which is why each placement is agreed upon with the company or the organisation, the student and the student advisor beforehand, with the aim of enabling the intern to develop the theory and skills that he or she has learnt in a professional environment while, at the same time, offering constructive feedback on the learning objectives that have been agreed upon and helping students to successfully integrate into the world of business on termination of their studies.


SWISS UMEF strongly supports its students in securing employment after the completion of their studies. For this purpose, its curriculum, which is regularly updated, is constructed to develop skills required by the employment market. Seminars are also organised to enable students to familiarise themselves with the current situation of employability and create a network.

SWISS UMEF maintains strong links with its alumni and offers the possibility of strong coaching should this be required to improve their performance in their positions. This unique service is free for the first two years after graduation. Following this period, free advice is offered as required.

Furthermore, for current students deciding to undertake an internship, SWISS UMEF facilitates their research and contracts with the internship employer.

Credits Transfer

SWISS UMEF accepts, a maximum of 50% of credits to be transferred from public and other recognised universities if the courses followed by the students match those of our curriculum and students have passed the relevant examinations.

SWISS UMEF only accepts a credit transfer for subjects similar to those of its own programme.

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